Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ajax and the Spring Framework with Tibco General Interface

Ajax and the Spring Framework with TIBCO General Interface


Alternatively, you can take advantage of mainstream adoption of Ajax by leveraging others' work. TIBCO Software's Ajax tools, known as TIBCO General Interface and "GI" for short, provide
a solidly engineered set of JavaScript libraries to power Ajax solutions. In addition the GI libraries also power the visual tools TIBCO provides for rapidly authoring these solutions.
GI's individual JavaScript class objects are integrated into a unified framework that executes at the client, not the server, using MVC principles to generate and update the GUI.
Accordingly, DHTML and JavaScript generation occurs using the client CPU, not the server CPU. The Ajax framework is comprised of a well thought-out class structure that provides an
intelligent abstraction of the browser event model, a wide variety of UI components, a client-side data cache and a service architecture for messaging.


GI Development

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