Saturday, April 28, 2007

Alfresco 2.0.1

Quelques améliorations très intéressantes dans cette release .
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Alfresco 2.0.1 - Product Update

Web Content Management Product Update

Alfresco 2.0.1 offers new extensions for Alfresco's ground-breaking 2.0 WCM release.  This release focuses on supporting an end-to-end publishing process, from documentation creation, through site publishing, to content deployment:

  • Simply and easily promote business documents to multiple websites using content rules
  • Easily create a new dynamic site using pre-built components and templates
  • Rapidly push finalized sites to one or multiple run-time servers
  • Content Deployment

    Alfresco Web Site Deployment

    Website Framework

    Website Framework Mash-up

    Rules-based Document Publishing

    Creating a Document Publishing rule

    CIFS Support

    Browsing a web project using Windows Explorer