Thursday, April 19, 2007

Are JSPs Dead?

Je suis d'accord. JSP laisse trop de place à la paresse brisant ainsi le V du MVC.

Zarar Siddiqi: Are JSPs Dead?

JSPs are the ultimate contradiction to Java reusability, there is simply no mechanism in J2EE which allows even an honest man to reuse a JSP. If you’re thinking of , you’re missing the larger point of reuse - reuse as in other components of the application or even different applications. Of course being confined to a Servlet container kills off any chance of reuse in the SE world along with making testing so hard that you’re forced to mock an application server just to see what’s rendered. The direct binding to a Servlet is also something that never amused me nor did I find the behind the scenes conversion from JSP to Java to Class file ever a needed exercise. Why bother with an extra compilation stage when you’re already serving your page from a compiled Servlet?
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