Tuesday, April 17, 2007

BrownSauce RDF Browser

BrownSauce RDF Browser

Example graph
There is RDF data all over the place, in XML documents and
sources like databases. Getting all that data is impractical,
and would be unreadable (to say the least). So BrownSauce is an
attempt to make something which can browse that information.

BrownSauce breaks the problem into two parts: coarse-graining
(breaking the data down into usable chunks, like
"information about person X") and aggregation (making those
chunks from multiple sources). The first part is done, and users
can browse more than one source using rdfs:seeAlso
references. Aggregation is currently being worked on.

BrownSauce runs as a local http server, or can be added to a
java web application server like
Tomcat or
The current interface is HTML and can be styled using CSS (the
HTML is marked up using classes relating to the RDF). Other
interfaces should be simple to implement.

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