Thursday, April 19, 2007

Case study de l'utilisation de Google Analytics pour RE/MAX

Donne du poids de savoir que RE/MAX a utilisé Google Analytics pour une stratégie
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RE/MAX launched a new Internet strategy using Google Analytics.

"We will be able to capture leads, pass them directly to our agents, and track and measure our lead to sale conversion rate. This will help increase our value for agents and consumers."
Kristi Graning
Senior Vice President of IT and e-Business

"With Google Analytics, we will have more true analysis, rather than anecdotal evidence. Plus, Google Analytics offers an international perspective. Now we can better understand why people are coming to our site, justify site changes with real data, and make changes that help the consumers."

"One of the biggest potentials we see with Google Analytics is the ability to measure our success driving leads to our agents, and the opportunity to eliminate some of the extra fees agents have been paying for lead generation."
Jeanna Bash
RE/MAX Web Analys

Download this case study (PDF)

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