Monday, April 16, 2007

ChainBuilder ESB

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Visual Enterprise Integration ChainBuilder ESB

ChainBuilder ESB

Visual Enterprise Integration

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ChainBuilder® ESB is a Java Business Integration (JBI) compliant solution for use in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments.
ChainBuilder ESB Enterprise Service Bus Product Schematic
Graphical JBI Integration | Component Flow Editor
Plug disparate software systems into a strategic ESB/SOA infrastructure

The core of the ChainBuilder ESB development environment includes several Eclipse-based plug-ins. These IDE graphical interfaces are used to create and customize ESB components through wizards and drag and drop functionality. Drag the component onto the ChainBuilder ESB canvas and an easy-to-use wizard guides the developer through selecting values for each property of the component. The ChainBuilder ESB Component Flow Editor hides the complexities of the JBI specifications, allowing developers to code to the JBI standard without becoming an expert in the mundane details of the specification.
Graphical Interfaces Simplify JBI
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