Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Créer un rapport PDF à partir de JasperReports et Netbeans IDE

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Generating Reports and PDFs From a Web Application

When you need to generate a report, a chart, or a PDF file from a web application, you have many third-party products to help you accomplish your task, including the open source JasperReports framework. JasperReports is a reporting tool that outputs reports in HTML, PDF, XLS, CSV, and XML formats. This tutorial show how to integrate the JasperReports framework into a web application that you build using the NetBeans Visual Web Pack.

In this tutorial, you create a web application that displays and prints information from a travel database. The web application lets you view a trip report in either HTML format or PDF format.


Creating a JasperReports Library
Setting Up the JRXML Editing Environment
Creating the Project
Setting Up the Report Resources
Mapping the JasperReports ImageServlet
Adding the Report Generation Logic
Creating the Database Query
Creating the Trip Report Page