Monday, April 30, 2007

Excellent Webdav client

Ce client permet de directement "mapper" un drive Webdav sous Windows explorer. Il est gratuit et permet l'édition directement dans le répertoire des documents.

Map a drive via FTP or WebDav

This is pretty cool. There's a utility called "Net Drive" from Novell that lets you map a windows drive via FTP or WebDav. This is better than using "My Network Places" for ftp because you can edit files in place on the remote site. Has to make your faviourite ftp client obsolete. Weirdly you can't find this at (Discovered by Clint).

This made the front page at and got about 6,000 hits over the weekend! I've looked into the license a little closer. I believe Novell at some stage licensed a version of WebDrive to bundle with Netware. Even though they seem to be encouraging it's free distribution they're probably not supposed to. Read the EULA here. So you shouldn't use this unless you or your company has a Netware 6 license. [Listens for the sound of 6000 people uninstalling... ;]. Also note that WebDrive supports secure ftp while Net Drive does not.