Saturday, April 14, 2007

Interface21 Team Blog » So what's the deal with Spring-OSGi?

Interface21 Team Blog » So what's the deal with Spring-OSGi?: "So what's the deal with Spring-OSGi?

Posted on April 5th, 2007 by Costin Leau in Spring, 2.0, IOC Container, OSGi.
Costin Leau

Welcome to my blog!
This is my first entry…ever. I manage to resist the urge of blogging but since so many people encouraged me to write about what I do at i21 I decided to give it a go. This and the fact that the Spring-OSGi had its first release yesterday evening (EET time zone).

I've been involved with Spring-OSGi since August last year and it has been quite a ride. It's one of the most challenging projects I have worked on and I'm glad to have it released, even as a milestone, to the public. Thanks a lot to everybody involved for making this happen, especially my team mates - Adrian, Andy and Hal!

In this entry, I'd like you give you a glimpse at what Spring 1.0 M1 provides at the moment; I'll skip introducing OSGi since there is plenty of excellent material available on the internet (see the links at the bottom).

The basic idea behind Spring-OSGi is to make it easy to build/write/deploy Spring applications in an OSGi environment. That is, to have the comprehensive POJO based programming model that Spring offers (IoC, AOP, service abstractions) working transparently in a dynamic execution environment which is foc"