Monday, April 16, 2007

Jitterbit Open Source Integration

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Jitterbit Open Source Integration

Jitterbit is an open source client and server designed
to give end users a quick and easy way to design, configure,
test, and deploy integration solutions.

Connect your Applications & Data
Organizations can use Jitterbit to connect data from ERP
and CRM applications, data warehouses, online marketplaces,
and much more.

Jitterbit supports Web Services, XML Files, HTTP/S,
FTP, ODBC, Flat and Hierarchic file structures and file
shares. To see a full list of protocol and document support
please read our datasheet.

Integration Made Easy
Jitterbit is designed to make integration easy. You can
download the suite for Linux or Windows in minutes. Once
installed, you can quickly build and run complex integration
processes without additional development efforts –
Jitterbit will let you integrate your data “out of
the box” without any coding expertise.

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