Tuesday, April 17, 2007

(JSR-170) JCR:A Practiotioner's Perspective

JCR: A Practitioner's Perspective

The Java Content Repository specification (JSR-170) focuses on "content services," where these not only manage data, but offer author based versioning, full-text searches, fine grained
access control, content categorization and content event monitoring. Programmers can use repositories in many ways just like a JDBC connection accesses a database: programmers obtain a
connection to a repository, open a session, use the session to access a set of data, and then close the session. The JCR specification has multiple levels of compliance; the most simple
level offers read-only access to a repository, XPath-like queries, and some other elements, while other levels of the specification offer a SQL-like query syntax, write capabilities, and
more advanced features.

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