Sunday, April 15, 2007

krugle code search

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Krugle (TM)
Krugle provides an innovative search engine designed specifically for developers.

For many developers, the most powerful development tool is search. Whether a developer is looking to reuse a shopping cart project they know someone has built, or whether they are trying to figure out why their function call is throwing an error, Krugle makes search easy and efficient.

Krugle's project centric approach, multiple search channels, and directory view provide developers context for a more meaningful search experience. Our collaboration tools allow developers to interact with source code and each other.

Krugle allows you to search from selected "channels" of information. Channels include Code, Tech Pages and Project. Each channel is associated with a colored tab at the top of the krugle screen.

Krugle Code Search Interface
"Create Link" button creates a single URL to all your results - you can bookmark, email or post this URL to your blog or website to provide one-click access to your results.
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