Sunday, April 15, 2007

OJAX Ajax-powered metasearch service


Ajax-powered metasearch service


OJAX provides a highly dynamic AJAX based user interface to
a federated search service for OAI-PMH compatible repository metadata.

OJAX is simple, non-threatening but powerful. It attempts to minimise
upfront user investment and provide immediate dynamic feedback, thus
encouraging experimentation and enabling enactive learning.

Benefits of OJAX
  • Provide a single search interface across all the repositories in use in an institution or consortium.
  • Or provide an improved search interface to a single repository
  • Faster resource discovery.
  • Easy to use, and support.
  • Features
    of OJAX
  • Auto-completion of search terms
  • Triggering of auto-searches
  • Dynamically scrollable search results - no more navigating between pages
  • Auto-expansion of search result details
  • Integrated with the Firefox 2 / IE 7 search feature
  • Rapid sorting of results
  • Supports OpenSearch Discovery
  • Stored searches as Atom feeds
  • Includes an OAI-PMH harvester
  • Easy to install in your own institution
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