Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oracle WebCenter

La solution est impressionnante. En démo, il est possible de créer un portlet d'un simple drag and drop à partir d'une page JSF faite dans JDeveloper. Built-in, il supporte aussi jsr-170 permettant d'effectuer des interactions avec un container jsr-170 ou un système de fichier sans problème.
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Oracle WebCenter
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Oracle JDeveloper provides a unified development environment for WebCenter applications. The improved portlet creation wizards allow you to build JSR 168 and PDK-Java portlets. You can use the Preconfigured OC4J, fully integrated with Oracle JDeveloper, to deploy your portlets with one mouse click and consume them in your JSF applications. Using the JSR 227 data controls, you can easily access JCR/JSR 170 content repositories, including Oracle Content DB, Oracle Portal, and the file system. The new customizable JSF components allow you to build applications supporting runtime customizations.

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