Monday, April 16, 2007

Qwicket, quickstart application pour Wicket

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What is Qwicket?

Qwicket is a quickstart application for the wicket framework.
Its intent is to provide a rapid method for creating a new wicket project with the basic
infrastructure in place so that you can quickly get to the meat of your application rather
than mucking with the plumbing of a wicket application. Currently, the system only supports
spring and hibernate built with ant. Future plans include support for maven 2 and other
persistence layers such as ibatis.

Qwicket was inspired by appfuse.
 Where Qwicket differs is that it focuses solely on wicket rather than bringing in multiple
frameworks.  This allows for greater flexibility in code generation and evolution of the
system. Qwicket can then focus on generating best practice wicket code with no worries of
breaking any other framework code.

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