Monday, April 16, 2007

Sash Stack SourceLabs

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SASH integrates into a single distribution and provides a support, maintenance and upgrade subscription to the most popular Open Source Java projects, including all project dependencies. As part of the certification process SourceLabs reconciles library versions and dependencies across the entire stack. SourceLabs SASH distribution includes these libraries:

  • Spring Framework for business logic and component wire-up
  • Apache Axis for web services
  • Apache Struts for web application development
  • Hibernate for object-relational mapping/data abstraction
  • Testing on BEA WebLogic Server, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Application Server, Apache Tomcat and Oracle database.
  • Three options for accessing the distribution including: full binary image, Maven 2 (beta), and Ant/Maven2 (beta).
  • Tools for managing updates and dependencies.
  • Documentation for the installation and use of SASH 1.2.
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