Monday, April 16, 2007

Sesame RDF




  • good scalability
  • fast upload of RDF triples
  • high performance (high query performance)
  • support for several RDF query languages including SPARQL
  • native store for scalable storage and querying with reliable persistence
  • support for several back-end stores
  • Sesame RDF Database versus Metadata Server

    Fast and scalable


  • offers a large scala of tools to developers to leverage the power of RDF and RDF Schema
  • scalable architecture
  • data exchange based on Semantic Web standards (e.g. RDF, SPARQL, ...)
  • Sesame

    Sesame is an open source RDF database with support for RDF Schema inferencing and querying. Originally, it was developed by Aduna (then known as Aidministrator) as a research prototype for the EU research project On-To-Knowledge. Now, it is further developed and maintained by Aduna in cooperation with NLnet Foundation, developers from Ontotext, and a number of volunteer developers who contribute ideas, bug reports and fixes.

    Sesame architecture
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