Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ThinWire - OpenSource & Beyond Ajax

clipped from www.thinwire.com

ThinWire® is an LGPL open source,
free for commercial use, development framework that allows you to easily build applications for the
web that have responsive, expressive & interactive user interfaces
without the complexity of the alternatives. While virtually any web
application can be built with ThinWire®, when it comes to enterprise
applications, the framework excels with its highly interactive and rich user
interface components. Use ThinWire® to handle the view-layer of your Java EE
(J2EE) application and you'll be able to provide an unparalleled user
experience, while at the same time completing your project faster than ever.
Look over our list of features and try out our
Playground Demo
, we're sure you'll find our approach unique and powerful.

Launch the Playground Demo
View the Production App Demo Page
View the ThinWire Mail Demo Page
Simple 1,2,3 App Construction
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