Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tutorial JBoss rules workbench

clipped from labs.jboss.com

Chapter 5. The Rule Workbench (IDE)

5.1. Introduction

The JBoss Rules workbench is delivered as an eclipse plugin, which
allows you to author and manage rules from within Eclipse, as well as
integrate rules with your application. This is an optional tool, and not all
components are required to be used, you can use what components are relevant
to you. Other flavours of the workbench will follow, which will be aimed at
less technical rule management (such as allowing business analysts to review
and manage rules) - all this is based on the Eclipse platform (hence the
term "Workbench").

This guide will cover some of the features of JBoss rules, in as far
as the workbench touches on them (it is assumed that the reader has some
familiarity with rule engines, and Drools in particular. It is important to
note that none of the underlying features of the rule engine are dependent
on Eclipse, and integrators are free to use their tools of choice, as always

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