Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tutorial pour utiliser struts validator

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Developer STRUTS

Check Your Form with Validator

By James Holmes

Oracle Technology Network
Simplify Struts development with Validator's rich set of built-in validations.
Validator Overview

Configuring validator-rules.xml

Included Validations
Creating Form Beans

Configuring validation.xml


Enabling Client-Side Validations

One major benefit of the Struts framework is its built-in interface for performing data validations on incoming form data. If any validations fail, the application redisplays the HTML form so that the invalid data can be corrected. Otherwise, processing continues. The Struts framework's simple validation interface alleviates much of
the headache associated with handling data validation, allowing you to
focus on validation code and not
on the mechanics of capturing data and redisplaying incomplete or invalid data.