Saturday, May 19, 2007

Apache MyFaces - JSF components

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Welcome to the Apache MyFaces Project

This is the official homepage of the first free open source Java Server Faces implementation called "Apache MyFaces".

What is Java Server Faces (JSF)?

Java Server Faces is a new and upcoming web application framework that accomplishes the MVC paradigm. It is comparable to the well-known Struts Framework but has features and concepts that are beyond those of Struts - especially the component orientation.

Look at Sun's JSF Page to learn more about the Java Specification Request 127 and to download the specification. You can also find a useful Tutorial there!


  • Make sure to have a look at our examples - you can find a working distribution here.
  • Find instructions on installing them yourselves in our 'Getting Started' section. If you can't find information you need on these pages, make sure you also go to our WIKI