Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Code analysis with the Eclipse Profiler

Code Analysis with the Eclipse Profiler

This document describes an analysis technique using the Eclipse Profiler that:

NB: This profiler only works with older Eclipse versions like 3.0.0. The nicest feature is the ability to do some remote profiling.

  • eases the process of analysing large amounts of code

  • is free

  • flattens out OO design and resolves runtime class loading, showing what code actually ran at a particular moment in time

  • creates a graph of the call stack

  • syncs the call graph with source code so you can navigate the code using the graph as a navigational aid

  • allows you to save and re-load analysis information

  • is self-documenting, providing a view of the code at the point of execution rather than a view created the last time the documentation was updated

  • thins out un-important information in the code such as getters and setters

  • is derived from an open source project, allowing you to tailor the source