Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Develop forms using the Visual XForms Designer

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Develop forms using the Visual XForms Designer

Use free tooling to accelerate the development of standards-compliant forms

Creating a new XForms document

In this article, you saw how the Visual XForms Designer enables the major phases of form development: data definition, control creation, submission creation, and testing. Hopefully, addressing form development in this way has highlighted one of the appealing aspects of the XForms standard: the clean separation of model and view. You learned the advantages of addressing the creation of a data instance (the model) first and addressing the creation of user interface controls (the view) only upon completing that task.

In the meantime, you've seen the Visual XForms editor's design canvas and palette, as well as many of the views it provides: Enclosures view, Instance view, XForms view, and Properties view. You've seen the renderer-specific conversion utilities, as well as the facilities for testing your completed form in a renderer.