Friday, May 25, 2007

Enomalism : XEN Virtualized Server Management Console

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Enomalism Virtualized Management Dashboard
The Enomalism Virtualized Management Dashboard (VMD) is a powerful open source, web-based virtual server manager built on the XEN hypervisor. Designed to answer the challenges of fragmented hosting environments, Enomalism provides an easy to use interface to provision elastic virtual servers, applications and services using the Enomalism clustered grid environment and the Elastic Computing Platform.
Multiple physical servers can be managed as a single server using a specialized tool set which include a centralized user provisioning system, virtualized server creation wizard and templates which facilitate virtual server configuration, application deployment mechanism, and integration into 3rd party applications via web services API as well as centralized LDAP user management.

Enomalism Virtualized Control Center Dashboard

Fine Tuned User & Resource Management

Disk Management Tools [Logical Volume Managment]

SSH Client

Open Source License