Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hibernate Search Module integrated with Apache Lucene

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4.2. Hibernate Search

Full text search engines like Apache
™ are a very powerful technology to bring free
text/efficient queries to applications. If suffers several mismatches
when dealing with a object domain model (keeping the index up to date,
mismatch between the index structure and the domain model, querying
mismatch...) Hibernate Search indexes your domain model thanks to a few
annotations, takes care of the database / index synchronization and
brings you back regular managed objects from free text queries.
Hibernate Search is using Apache
under the cover.

4.2.2. Integration with Hibernate Annotations

Hibernate Search integrates with Hibernate Annotations
transparently provided that hibernate-search.jar is present in the
classpath. If you do not wish to autoregister Hibernate Search event
listeners, you can set to false.
Such a need is very uncommon and not recommanded.