Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How-to invoke services hosted on Mule from Oracle SOA BPEL process

clipped from mule.codehaus.org
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Demonstrates how to invoke services hosted on Mule from SOA BPEL engine

Following example is tested against Oracle SOA Suite 10g Release 3 ( In order to invoke a web service on Mule, the WSDL file for the service needs to copied to a local directory. For example, the configuration file for a HelloWorld service deployed on mule is given below.

Following is a simple Oracle process that receives a string as input. Using the input string, it invokes the Mule service using web service call.

Using JDeveloper add a partner link by pointing to the WSDL file. Oracle automatically creates partner roles as seen in following picture.

Create a link to partner using appropriate message and method call as seen in the following picture.