Wednesday, May 30, 2007

J2easy, a complete VMWare Appliance including Jboss, Apache manage via Web Consoles

J2easy logo

This project has been started to partecipate to the vmware challenge.

What we've done is a JBoss appliance FC5 based with http installation and managment tools

The features of the J2easy appliance are:
- Web based JBoss installation
- Web based JBoss administration
- Web based File Manager
- JBoss footprint finetuning
- JNDI constraint validation
- Apache Mod Proxy enabled
- Easy appliance configuration
- Pre-made security hardening with bastile

- Runs on any vmware enabled enviroment

In details the installation and administration tools permits to remotely manage:
-DataSources: MySQL, Postgrel, Hypersonic, Oracle
-JMS destinations
-Java Mail
-Log4J Categories
-Apache Mod Proxy
-Account admin
-Remote administration and viewing of any jboss configuration file via the File Manager

-Remote viewing of the Linux log folder
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