Monday, May 21, 2007

SwissSQL Oracle to Java Migration tool

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SwisSQL - Trade Mark

SwisSQL - Oracle to Java Migration Tool 2.7

SwisSQL - Oracle to Java Migration Tool takes
PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions and Triggers
as input and converts them into standard JDBC
based Java code. PL2JSQL implements most PL/SQL
functions as JAVA API. The converted Java code
can be run standalone or in J2EE container with
EJB wrappers for the converted Business-Logic

Features and Benefits

  • Converted Java code is easily maintainable
    and portable.

  • Standards based, no proprietary APIs.

  • Converted Java code can be deployed in the
    middle-tier or the database-tier.

  • Supports almost all PL/SQL constructs.

  • Supports PL/SQL Packages, Procedures and

  • Outstanding support directly from developers.