Sunday, June 24, 2007

RAJAX - An (Almost) CPU-Free MVC Pattern with Ajax

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An (Almost) CPU-Free MVC Pattern with Ajax
An (Almost) CPU-Free MVC Pattern with Ajax

The RAJAX Project

RAJAX is a project
that set out to test this idea. At its heart it is a
Java library, a tag library, and two JavaScript files. The tag library
with the Java library will address the Model problem just
described. It works by using runtime reflection to take any class
that extends the RAJAX base class and transform it into an
Ajaxified JavaScript object. For example, consider the following
Java class:

Object Model of the JavaScript MVC Framework

Implementing a Model-View-Controller (MVC) Pattern

The title says this pattern is "almost" CPU-free. "Almost"
because RAJAX will implement it entirely on the client browser, so
no CPU is used on the server for that computation. There are six
classes available to the developer (Figure 1).