Sunday, June 3, 2007

Securing Java applications with Acegi Part 2

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Securing Java applications with Acegi, Part 2: Working with an LDAP directory server

This three-part series of articles is an introduction to using Acegi
Security System to secure your Java enterprise applications. In the
first article in this series
, I introduced Acegi and explained how to
use security filters to implement a simple, URL-based security system.
In this second article, I begin to discuss the more advanced uses of
Acegi, starting with writing an access control policy and storing it in
ApacheDS, an open source LDAP directory server. I also show you how
to configure Acegi to interact with the directory server to implement your
access control policy. At the conclusion of the article, I present an
example application that uses ApacheDS and Acegi to implement a secure
access control policy.