Friday, July 20, 2007

Contig : Windows defragmenter

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Contig v1.54


There are a number of NT disk defraggers on the market, including
Winternals Defrag Manager. These tools are
useful for performing a general defragmentation of disks, but while most files are defragmented on drives processed by these
utilities, some files may not be. In addition, it is difficult to ensure that particular files that are frequently used are
defragmented - they may remain fragmented for reasons that are specific to the defragmentation algorithms used by the defragging
product that has been applied. Finally, even if all files have been defragmented, subsequent changes to critical files could cause
them to become fragmented. Only by running an entire defrag operation can one hope that they might be defragmented again.

Contig is a single-file defragmenter that attempts to make files contiguous on disk. Its perfect for quickly optimizing files that are continuously becoming fragmented, or that you want to ensure are in as few fragments as possible.