Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mini-Guide : Hibernate and NHibernate - Hibernate environment references

Good links to sites describing the Hibernate Environment

Mini-Guide: Hibernate and NHibernate

The Hibernate Environment
Hibernate Core for Java
Hibernate Annotations
Hibernate EntityManager
Hibernate Shards
Hibernate Validator
Hibernate Tools for Eclipse and Ant
NHibernate for .NET

Hibernate is an ORM [Object-Relational Mapping] service used to develop persistent Java classes. On the back of NHibernate, it’s popularity has spread to the .NET space as well. This has proved of special interest in IT shops that are working toward interoperability strategies that leverage the skills of developers who can handle both .NET and Java problems. No matter whether you’re an old pro or just starting to investigate object relational mapping, the resources I’ve gathered should help you learn something new. You’ll find quick links to official reference material and great tutorials for gaining hands-on knowledge. Dig right in.