Friday, July 6, 2007

A Perl News Clipper Open Source

News Clipper Open Source

News Clipper allows web designers to automatically integrate dynamic
information from the Internet into their own web pages. It allows individual
users to create custom newspapers, or businesses to enliven otherwise static web
pages. Its tag language gives users control of data acquisition, manipulation,
and presentation, and can be extended by writing new "handlers".

News Clipper operates as an off-line pre-processor for HTML files, running as
a cron job in the background to keep web pages up-to-date, but not causing
delays in page downloads. Web developers insert content in a particular style by
using News Clipper commands like this:

<!-- newsclipper
  <input name=slashdot

  <filter name=slashdot

  <filter name=limit

  <filter name=map
filter=limit number=200 chars>

  <output name=array
numcols=1 prefix="<p>-->"