Thursday, July 19, 2007

Will your next Application Be a Google Gadget?

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Will Your Next Web Application Be a Google Gadget?
Learn how to leverage the Google Gadget API to make your web applications more reachable. As an example, you'll see how to build a real-world gadget that fetches and displays the DevX feeds. 
Anatomy of a Google Gadget

Developing a Google Gadget (simply gadget from now on) is really an easy task. After all, a gadget is made of XML, HTML, JavaScript, and optionally, CSS, used as follows:

ince AJAX first appeared, developer interest in JavaScript has increased exponentially—and toolsets for building functionality in JavaScript have burgeoned as well. One of the latest tools for JavaScript-related development is Google Gadgets. Many web sites already provide gadgets built with the Google tools, and you can, too. This article shows you how to develop a Google Gadget that fetches DevX RSS feeds and displays them to the user.