Sunday, August 5, 2007

Headway Software | Complexity kills - Control Software Architecture/Structure

Welcome to Headway Software

A code-base with complex structure is harder to extend and maintain than the same code-base with a simpler structure. Until now software structure has been hidden and tends to get ever-more complex as the code-base evolves.

Structure101TM exposes your software structure, lets you define how it should be, communicate this to the team, and lets everyone know when deviations make it into the mainline.

Structure101 is for live, evolving, imperfect, real projects. Regain structural control at your own pace - figure out what you've got, define what you want, give your team the info they need to make it so, know when it drifts. Then watch development accelerate.

Implementing new ways to understand, define and control software structure is what we do.