Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hide your e-mail Address from Spam Bots

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Hide Your E-mail Address from Spam Bots

You want to provide your website visitors with a way to send you an e-mail. The easiest method is to simply post a clickable mailto link somewhere on your site.

Use Jim Tucek's Email Protector, a free web tool that encrypts your e-mail address and spits out a string of code you can use in place of a mailto link. You'll also need to download a small JavaScript file (link) and put it in the same folder as the HTML document that holds your address. When a visitor clicks on the link, the JavaScript works behind the scenes to decrypt your address and turn it into a legit mailto link. The visitor never sees any code -- all of this happens when she clicks on your contact link. Oh yes, and you will obviously want to use something like "contact me" for the link title. Definitely do not use your email address.