Sunday, August 12, 2007

MX4J Management and MX4J Monitoring from Hyperic - Open Source Systems Management

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Hyperic HQ is a management platform that is targeted and tailored for managing web and open source software. Just one single solution to manage your entire software environment, priced competitively - that's easy to deploy and maintain.

JMX / MX4J Management Support

JMX 1.2 provides a standard remote API to manage remote JMX-enabled applications. Prior to JMX 1.2/JSR-160 it was up to the server vendor to implement a remote MBeanServer connector. Several Open Source projects use the MX4J implementation, others such as WebSphere, WebLogic and JBoss rolled their own. Because of this, HQ plugins had required connector code specific to each product and still do for those products which do not support JSR-160. With the adoption of JMX 1.2 in newer versions of products (ActiveMQ 4.0, Geronimo 1.0, WebLogic 9.1, Resin 3.0, etc) and the built-in support with J2SE 1.5, HQ is able to provide JMX plugin support classes without having to use a vendor specific connector.