Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quartz - Enterprise Job Scheduler

What can Quartz do for you?

If your application has tasks that need to occur at given moments
in time, or if your system has recurring maintenance jobs then Quartz may
be your ideal solution.

Sample uses of job scheduling with Quartz:

  • Driving Workflow: As a new order is initially placed, schedule a Job
    to fire in exactly 2 hours, that will check the status of that order, and
    trigger a warning notification if an order confirmation message has not
    yet been received for the order, as well as changing the order's status to
    'awaiting intervention'.
  • System Maintenance: Schedule a job to dump the contents of a database
    into an XML file every business day (all weekdays except holidays) at
    11:30 PM.
  • Semi complete listing of Quartz features.