Monday, August 13, 2007

Trying out Google’s webmaster tools

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Trying out Google’s webmaster tools

So the time has come to try out Google’s webmaster tools, personally at first I thought this was quite useless but then again it gives you some possibilities to alter or specify the ways the googlebot works on your site to some extend.
Another good feature is the statistic it gives you on what the googlebot encountered while crawling your site.
In this small article I’ll be giving you a quick tour of it and what it has to offer you if you haven’t tried out it yet.

Step 1 - Setting it up

Step 2 – The administrative functions
screenshot of Web Crawl tool

I’ll begin with the web crawl function which basically lists all the errors and problems that the bot encountered while crawling the site.
This is a nice feature as you get informed of possible problems you did not know existed and that can have caused the bot to not crawl the page as it should.
Now you can spot them and correct it quickly instead of having it this ways for weeks or even months not knowing something was wrong.