Saturday, August 4, 2007

WidgetServer unifies AJAX, Remote-Swing and XUL

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The WidgetServer Framework Project
        Effectiveness in building rich WEB GUIs

What is this all about?

WidgetServer is a component based, server-side, Java/XML rich-client-framework which
enables an application to run as either

- an application with a rich Web client based on AJAX (HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript)
- an application with a simple Web client based on HTML and CSS
- a standalone application with a Swing GUI,
- a client/server application with a thin Swing client,
- or a mobile application on different devices like PDAs or Smartphones

without any change and without loss of functionality!

WidgetServer gives you the choice if you develop a GUI either using

- HTML markup templates,
- a Java API like Swing,
- XML markup
- or any combination.

The project comes with a WYSIWYG GUI-builder which is completely built on the WidgetServer framework
technology. An early version of an eclipse-plugin has been released: