Friday, August 31, 2007

Xilinus : Prototype Portal Class, creating a netvibes or iGoogle like Portal

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Prototype Portal Class

I have always wanted to create a Class to handle in a easy way portal page like netvibes. After having tried to used Sortable of, I decided to write my own Class. I really like Sortable Class but it was too tricky to use it for a portal behavior. But I use Draggable and Droppable of course!

This article talks about the first version I made. It has been tested on Safari, Firefox, Opera and IE 6/7. The first version is based on Prototype because I could not use 1.6. but the next version will be based on 1.6.

You could a see a live example here. I have used onOverWidget/onOutWidget to add edit/delete buttons on widget and I added a remove effect to show how to use it with advanced features.