Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Build and implement a single sign-on solution

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Build and implement a single sign-on solution

Integrate an open source, Java-based authentication component into a Web portal

It is particularly difficult to bolt a single sign-on solution -- SSO, the ability to log in once and be authenticated to all your network resources -- onto existing applications, but every developer faces this problem when building sophisticated portals. Because portals need to integrate with back-end resources, each with its own authentication needs, the portal often has to provide the appearance of single sign-on to the user. In this article, Chris Dunne provides a step-by-step description of his experience with building a single sign-on solution for a Web portal. He shows you how to set up an open source solution, the Central Authentication Service from Yale University, and how to extend it to authenticate to a Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure.
How the CAS protocol performs authentication