Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Selenium Grid

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Selenium Grid: Web Testing in Parallel

Many agile teams have used tools like Selenium and Watir for acceptance-testing or web user interface testing.  By driving web browsers, these tools mirror the user's experience and offer strong support for testing dynamic interfaces that use DHTML and Ajax.  However, as teams increasingly adopt tools like these, they find that a full suite of browser-driving web-interface tests can be time-consuming to run, causing build times to slow. Agile teams may then have to make some hard choices about comprehensive testing vs. build speed.  Users of Selenium have had a limited ability to parallelize tests, either by running more than one test against a Remote Control (Selenium-RC), or by individually allocating tests against more than one Selenium-RC. These are sufficient for a small amount of parallelization, but are insufficient for massive paralleization.  Selenium users now have another choice: Selenium Grid.