Friday, October 19, 2007

Acegi Security in one hour

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Acegi Security in one hour

A concise guide to securing your Java Web applications

Acegi Security has been generating some serious positive buzz among Java enterprise developers, so you might be wondering
how it works. In this article, ShriKant Vashishtha walks you through all the steps of a hands-on Acegi Security implementation.
First you'll set up form-based authentication and authorization services for a Java-based Web application, then you'll customize
Acegi Security for dynamic authorization, as well as integration with proprietary authentication implementations such as LDAP.

Acegi Security is a powerful and flexible security solution for Java enterprise applications built using the Spring framework. Spring-based
dependency injection makes Acegi easy to configure and implement in a completely nonintrusive way. This is a boon to organizations
that might not want to implement the Spring framework as a whole but still need effective, reusable security for legacy applications.