Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cofax, OpenSource CMS

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Cofax is a web-based text and multimedia publication system.
It was designed to simplify the presentation of newspapers on the Web and to expedite
real-time Web publication.

It was designed originally at Knight Ridder to serve the content for
several of its newspapers, including its largest, the Philadelphia
Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News. Cofax was the tool it used
to manage and build numerous web sites across its network for two years.

Concepts Cofax technology pioneered are featured in Knight Ridder's new, more extensive
CMS solution called the Single Digital Platform, launched
February 2, 2002.

Currently, Cofax is used across the world as an open source, scalable and powerful
content management solution provided by numerous independent solution providers.

One of the companies the project is indebted to is Smile.
Their work in bringing Cofax to MySQL helps to for fill the promise of its designed
database independence.

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