Thursday, October 4, 2007

CrossLoop | Simple Secure Screen Sharing

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CrossLoop Screenshot 

CrossLoop – Simple Secure Screen Sharing

  • Connect Any Two PCs on Earth 

  • Available in 21 Languages 

  • File Transfer CapabilityNew!

  • Switch control to make collaboration easierNew!

  • View Only and Share Control modesNew!

  •    Ver 1.11

    What is CrossLoop?

    CrossLoop is a FREE secure screen sharing utility designed for people of all technical skill levels. CrossLoop extends the boundaries of VNC’s traditional screen sharing by enabling non-technical users to get connected from anywhere on the Internet in seconds without changing any firewall or router settings. It only takes a few minutes to setup and no signup is required.


    Is CrossLoop Secure?

    Security is built into all aspects of CrossLoop. Session data is encrypted at the end-points before being sent using a 128-bit encryption algorithm using a randomly generated 12-digit access code. Explicit permission is required before any screen images are sent to a remote computer. CrossLoop is a secure tool to remotely assist any PC on the planet.