Tuesday, October 2, 2007

QueWeb Customer Care CRM

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QueWeb Customer Care

Traditional CRM vendors focus primarily on the acquisition portion of the Customer's life cycle. It is a known fact that it takes a much bigger budget to acquire a new customer than to keep existing customers loyal.

Queplix provides a modular enterprise software package that:

  • helps integrate and leverage all aspects of the Customer Care
  • Adapts to your business and maps easily to your existing business rules
  • Queplix delivers software that truly meets your critical requirements

    Next generation Customer Care software architected to work with Enterprise Portals:

  • Combines Workflow Designer, EAI and proprietary conversion technology to leverage legacy systems and historical data
  • 100% configurable and 100% customizable
  • 100% J2EE thin-client
  • HIGHLY modular
  • Supports multi-channel communications