Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Added initial Seam support for Wicket

Added initial Seam support for Wicket

Yesterday, I committed initial Seam (2.2.0 beta) support for Wicket. For the moment, it is implemented as a test project: ‘wicket-seam-test’ in the wicket-stuff repository.

The project only has support for the @In annotation of Seam, allowing you to inject Seam components in Wicket components, and it has a simple example. Support for other Seam features might be added later if that makes sense.

Read more about it in the README.

UPDATE: There hasn’t been a lot of feedback on this other than that people said they didn’t see the advantage of Seam over, say, Guice for what they’d want to do. I guess we’ll just wait and see what the final version of Seam looks like and if by that time there will be a surge in interest.