Monday, January 14, 2008

Amiga forever

Amiga Forever Home Page

The Amiga computer, launched by Commodore in 1985, combined superior multimedia technology with ease of use, inspiring millions of the most creative and enthusiastic computer users ever.

Amiga Forever is the award-winning Amiga preservation, emulation and support package brought to you by Cloanto, Amiga developers since 1986.

NEW: 2007 Update of Amiga Forever 2006 + Free Upgrade to Amiga Forever 2008

Amiga Forever 2006 is available now in three new editions:

  • Online Edition (downloadable installer for Windows systems)
  • Plus Edition (downloadable CD ISO image with Windows and platform-neutral additional content)
  • Premium Edition (a physical package containing the Plus Edition CD and two DVDs, combined with an instant download of the installer for Windows)
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    Amiga Forever on Windows