Saturday, January 5, 2008

Linux Commands Line

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Linux Commands Line - v1.0

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System information
Shutdown, Restart of a system and Logout
Files and Directory
File search
Mounting a Filesystem
Disk Space
Users and Groups
Permits on File - use "+" to set permissions and "-" to remove
Special Attributes on file - use "+" to set permissions and "-" to remove
Archives and compressed files
RPM Packages - Fedora, Red Hat and like
YUM packages updater - Fedora, RedHat and like
DEB packages - Debian, Ubuntu and like
View file content
Text Manipulation
Character set and Format file conversion
Filesystem Analisys
Format a Filesystem
SWAP filesystem
Networking - LAN and WiFi
Microsoft Windows networks - SAMBA
IPTABLES - firewall
Monitoring and debugging
Other useful commands